Veggie Chili

Vegetarian Chipotle Chili

Super Nummy is back! After some technical snafoos last week, here we are again with a smoky chipotle chili full of fresh veggies. No cans, all fresh, and just in time for the apocalyptic awesome blizzard tonight. Sweet and spicy butternut squash melding together with creamy slow-cooked beans into a rich and super healthy wintertime chili… Vegetarian, gluten-free, and all that. Last week was the 1 year anniversary of …

LuVegetarian Chipotle Chili
5 Grain Porridge

5-Grain Hot Cereal with Maple, Persimmon, and Coconut

Cuddle up with a creamy, flavorful, whole grain hot cereal that’s less sticky and nuttier than oatmeal, nutritious, filling, and cheaper than store-bought. This recipe will make enough dry mix for a week’s worth of hot breakfast to kick-start our winter booty detox, cause, you know, too many cookies. Clockwise from left to right in a swirly pattern ending in the center: millet, oat bran, amaranth, Himalayan pink salt, stone-ground cornmeal, …

Lu5-Grain Hot Cereal with Maple, Persimmon, and Coconut
sesame banana bread muffin

Sesame Banana Oat Muffins

For my dad, who is a muffin king – tender, whole grain breakfast muffins big on banana flavor and light on the sugar. Toasted sesame seeds add a nutty crunch to this new year’s resolution friendly banana bread muffin. Happy merry 2015! This is going to be the year of the Viking diet. I read in Vogue that we’re going to start eating more berries, foraged foods, seaweed, …

LuSesame Banana Oat Muffins

Masala Chai (Indian Milk Tea)

Never be disappointed by watered-down chai again. This is an authentic recipe for masala chai straight from a cooking class in India! Sip on a  steamy cup of this rich, deeply spiced Indian milk tea on wintry mornings. I hope everyone had a happy merry last night! I had a wonderful time with my three parents (step-dad is in Chiner …

LuMasala Chai (Indian Milk Tea)
Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Fudge Cake

Inspired by Lindt raspberry dark chocolate truffles, this cake’s got the creamiest top layer infused with the syrupy juice of bursting raspberries. You get all the decadent flavor of a flourless chocolate cake in each bite, with a much lighter texture. Plus, it’s a snap to make with only 7 ingredients and bakes up in under 30 minutes. The red berries …

LuRaspberry Chocolate Fudge Cake
Josey Baker Cornbread

Golden Buttermilk Cornbread

An extremely moist, subtly sweet, and miraculously low fat cornbread with loads of flavor and a tender crumb. The secret is stone-ground cornmeal soaked overnight in buttermilk. This cornbread is so flavorful I like it best plain. It stays moist for days, although it won’t last that long. I made 1 loaf and 8 muffins for this post. It disappeared in a blink! …

LuGolden Buttermilk Cornbread