nectarine upside down mini cake

Mini Nectarine Upside-Down Cakes

Around this time last year, Adam said, “I need you to make me something to impress my date with.” Wait, what?? “But it’s gotta be something she’ll believe I made.” Insert skeptical face here… After brainstorming for a bit, I decided some mini peach upside-down cakes would be cute, not too fancy but still impressive, and most importantly, mighty tasty. I …

LuMini Nectarine Upside-Down Cakes
apple crisp

Deerfield Apple Crisp

For a proper throwback Thursday, I went back 16 years and stole this recipe from my boarding school. Ok not really, I found it online and tested it to make sure it was legit, and it totally is. Anyway, Deerfield Academy crisp is FAMOUS. When I say this is a tried and true recipe, I mean for four years, 600 of my classmates looked forward …

LuDeerfield Apple Crisp
josey baker bread

Josey Baker Bread and The Mill’s (In)famous $4 Toast

On my recent trip to San Francisco, I ate a lot of toast. Toast, you ask? I too was skeptical when Micah first suggested it. “You’ve never had toast like this before,” he promised. “Get ready for your mind to be TOAST-blown.” Nerd. Upon arriving at The Mill, we grabbed a loaf of Josey Baker’s country bread, a mix of whole wheat, …

LuJosey Baker Bread and The Mill’s (In)famous $4 Toast
asian panzanella salad

Asian Panzanella Salad

We do a really simple salad dressing in China: rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, and coarse sugar. It seriously goes with everything – cold noodles, dumplings, baozi, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, peanuts, scallion pancakes – seriously, everything! So why not put it on panzanella salad? You’ll need hearty whole wheat or whole grain country bread, cubed and pan fried in salted butter. Chop your veggies, whisk the dressing …

LuAsian Panzanella Salad
earl grey chocolate cake

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, a phone call from Hong Kong, a Hello Kitty toaster and bandaids… a food photography book from Chompy, and beautiful bowls and chocolate from my roommate, who has impeccable taste. Special thanks to Liz for co-hosting a Betty Draper + Asian themed sunset picnic. Thanks to Max for bringing a foreigner all the way from the …

LuEarl Grey Chocolate Cake
salmon summer roll

BBQ Salmon Summer Rolls

Last summer Adam and I made boatloads of summer rolls with all sorts of veggies. You could always tell which ones Adam had wrapped because they were the size of super burritos. We always put tofu in our summer rolls, which I love, but I was tofu-less this weekend, so I used leftover bbq salmon and made a bbq peanut sauce for dipping, because …

LuBBQ Salmon Summer Rolls