earl grey chocolate cake

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, a phone call from Hong Kong, a Hello Kitty toaster and bandaids… a food photography book from Chompy, and beautiful bowls and chocolate from my roommate, who has impeccable taste. Special thanks to Liz for co-hosting a Betty Draper + Asian themed sunset picnic. Thanks to Max for bringing a foreigner all the way from the …

LuEarl Grey Chocolate Cake
salmon summer roll

BBQ Salmon Summer Rolls

Last summer Adam and I made boatloads of summer rolls with all sorts of veggies. You could always tell which ones Adam had wrapped because they were the size of super burritos. We always put tofu in our summer rolls, which I love, but I was tofu-less this weekend, so I used leftover bbq salmon and made a bbq peanut sauce for dipping, because …

LuBBQ Salmon Summer Rolls
jalapeno cheese cornbread

Jalapeño & Cheese Cornbread

When Chompy was still living in Boston but making frequent trips to NYC, he used to bring back an edible gift every time, including macarons from my favorite Maison du Chocolat, a chocolate mousse hedgehog we named Bruno, and once, a loaf of cornbread, which was kind of a weird gift to bring to a girl but really delicious all the same. Chompy also made me promise …

LuJalapeño & Cheese Cornbread

Zucchini Shakshuka

I had my first taste of shakshuka from my Israeli roommate two years ago. She made an eggplant version, which I’m still going to do as soon as my dad starts harvesting eggplant from his garden. Shakshuka is simply eggs poached in a spicy tomato and onion sauce. I added zucchini and cubanelle peppers (the long, light green kind, also called Italian sweet peppers), but you can swap these out for eggplant, bell peppers, …

LuZucchini Shakshuka
roasted tomatoes

How to Make Better Tomato Sauce & Salsa

I try to use fresh tomatoes as much as possible in place of canned tomatoes because the acidity in tomatoes leaches BPA out of the lining of most cans. The trouble with using fresh tomatoes is that they’re watery as heck, until I discovered that roasting them oven-dries them, concentrates their flavor, and makes the skins peel off like magic, so here we go! Start by choosing …

LuHow to Make Better Tomato Sauce & Salsa
no-knead bread

Crusty No-Knead Apricot Fennel Bread

This is my third, and best, loaf of bread. I recruited my neighbor Max to be my taste-tester, and he agrees that this is the best of the three, so that’s street cred for you right there. Other people have husbands and boyfriends for taste-testers, I just have a friendly neighbor who eats mountains of pizza on the regular, so …

LuCrusty No-Knead Apricot Fennel Bread